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I moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at the end of 2012 from Northern California. Growing up my parents and grandparents were continually involved in the real estate industry in the California Bay Area and Central Valley. I gained a vast knowledge of how real estate works through them.

I later studied California real estate to get an even better grasp on it.

I was the President of an advertising company before becoming a real estate agent in Puerto Vallarta. This allowed me to hone my advertising skills, which I know is one of the most valuable tools for real estate. I consider myself to be extremely knowledgable in tech, gadgets and online marketing strategy. I can use all of these tools to help you sell your home.

I also own several rental properties across Puerto Vallarta as well, so I have a good grasp on what the rent-ability of property is like. I can also help you through the process of getting your property ready to rent.

In the third and fourth quarters of 2016 Nancy and I worked on a project to represent a development. The developer requested a lot of information about all of the other developments across town; specifically in Zona Romantica (Emiliano Zapata). Nancy and I personally visited every single development in Zona Romantica. We met with sales agents, brokers, developers, architects and other important figures. Once finished, we had compiled so much information that when our local real estate association (A.M.P.I.) heard about our work, they asked us to give a presentation to the entire association.

I created a PowerPoint that highlight every new development around town and I presented it at one of our A.M.P.I. meetings. The meeting was very successful and resulted in companies across the bay scrambling to compile information like we had done.

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